Savingmoses in Angola

Well, it’s been an interesting day!
I landed in Angola – my 1st time to come to this country &  it’s quite amazing. Angola has recently come out of more than 25 yrs of civil war & there are still approximately 12 million landmines scattered around the countryside. Angola has about 13 million citizens to give you some perspective. So part of my intro to Angola, a crash course, was the quickie landmine schooling: red is bad & blue is safe. So my friend, whenever you’re down this way, watch out for any fields with red on the trees – avoid these fields.

We were able to visit a school &  feeding program associated with  the school. I’m attaching some pictures of a normal classroom &  the teacher for this class. We met some very great kids & tomorrow we’ll be visiting some very small people with some very severe needs. So come back tomorrow & you can also keep up to speed w me real time on twitter & facebook if those float your fancy.


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