saving Moses

When i was in Ethiopia last summer, i met twin newborn girls who had been abandoned in a field & this really rocked my world.  This experience has stuck with me & resonated in my heart, growing to the point that i felt God really zero into me & talk about doing something about a worldwide problem – infant mortality.  Truth be known, most of the children around the world who die under the age of 5, die for simple reasons:  poor to nonexistent nutrition, lack of education in newborn care, poor water supply and a few other factors.  These problems are not insurmountable.

So God put it in my heart to launch our “saving Moses” campaign – a project to decrease infant mortality around the world.  When you think about Moses, his mom, sister & a complete stranger (Pharoah’s daughter) rescued Moses, who was used by God to deliver the Israelites from decades & even centuries of slavery, given the 10 Commandments, Tabernacle plans and the 1st 5 books of the OT  by God.  Moses was mightily used by God.  Thank God people stepped into his life to “save Moses.”  I’d venture to say that possibly God could use us to “save Moses” throughout the world.  If you want to keep up with what we’re doing in Ethiopia and around the world, pop over to:




Hello Sarah, God Bless You on your trip.. May angels glide your plane safe to and from your trip, and may you touch the hearts of little ones…Have a bless trip…:)

PS I love watching your shows and Im on face book too….bye oh you need to please.. give me that recipe on a cocconut mergingue pie sp? lol… that beattitudes show was my favorite… ok bye…:)

Praying blessings upon you as you are visiting Gondar and those sweet children. May the doors be opened wide for the “Saving Moses” campaign. Blessings!

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