Saving Moses Meets Albania!!

I just landed in Tirana Albania & I’m really excited to see what God is doing here!! I’m excited in many different ways because of the diversity of ministry opportunities that we have here. We get to do some humanitarian relief, we get to pray for the sick in our evening meetings & we get to minister to Christian leaders from throughout Albania. On a personal level, I’m extremely excited about what we get to do in Albania w saving Moses. In a few minutes i’m going to leave w some friends to visit a ministry (NGO) who is very tuned into the needs of kids under 5, infants & pregnant moms. I’m eager to get to bring saving Moses to Albania, the homeland for Mother Teresa – what a fantastic privilege to be in the country where such a powerful & impacting woman was born. Even though she was a flawed human, Jesus used her life in extravgant displays of love. I pray that Jesus would use saving Moses & me to express His deep & profound love to “the least of these.”


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I must lovingly say that yes Mother Teresa was a good and powerful woman in her endeavors to help the poor and needy. But we also know that we are saved ‘for’ good works, and not ‘from’ good works. Unfortunately Mother Teresa lived under the unbiblical ‘gospel’ of the Catholic church, with all its sacraments, sacrifices, and the pursuit of ‘sainthood’ (she has been ‘beatified’ by the Catholic church), instead of living under the true gospel of the Word of God. Of course we cannot look into a person’s heart and see if she/he is a true Christian, follower of Christ and His Word, but we do know what a true Christian is, one who lives according to the Word of God and abides only and solely on the Word of God, basing all his/her actions and beliefs on the Word of God. Mother Teresa lived under the rules and regulations of ‘religion’. We know that the simple fact of loving God and helping the needy does not save anyone. Jesus was clear in His saying in John 14:6 that He is the only way to the Father. Unfortunately many are deceived by this belief that simply loving God and doing good is enough, many profess to do it for Jesus, but are they really IN Him? or simply doing it FOR Him? There’s a difference there.

As my dad usually says: ‘If you have never lived in a Catholic country, then you don’t know what Catholicism is really all about’.

In His love

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