saving Moses in Albania

I’m really excited because I get to bring Saving Moses to Albania next week!  We’ve been working on this trip now for no less than 6 months.  You may be wondering why we’re going to Albania and here are some reasons why we’re going to there.  Albania is a very small country next to Greece & across the Aegaen Sea from Italy.  Over the last century, it was considered to be one of the most repressive communist countries in Europe and because of its’ size, it is often overlooked.

That is why saving Moses is so important, because its easy to overlook small things and even small people in the busy-ness in life.  When we go next week, we get to help provide food, medicine, diapers, etc for many abandoned babies & toddlers.  I’m eager to get to help these very strategic little people in this great country.  Pls watch for updates, as I’m planning to blog everyday about the cool stuff we get to do!


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Valerie Bryan

How I wish that you could put me in one of your bags and take me so that I could help. Perhaps prayer and financial support are enough for now. =)

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