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Ok friends, family, fellow countrymen & women:

You know that Reece is political & patriotic, but I’m just patriotic.  Given that, I’m helping a friend who’s writing a newspaper article about the maternity element of being potentially one heartbeat away from the President of the US – translation:  if you’re a mom, what do you think of sarah palin potentially being the VP, given that she has 5 kids ranging from about 19 yrs old all the way to 5 months old.  Do you think she should skip the political scene of being the VP to take care of her kids or is having kids in this age range an advantage to Mrs Palin?  What do you think? 

All moms of all ages, please leave your thoughts & comments below.  You rock – thanks for helping my friend!!!!!!  🙂

Remember, play nice.  😉




Okay, I try to keep up with the political scene but if I get into to many conversations with people it all starts looking like Greek to me.

There’s this one electrical engineer at my work that once he starts going it’s hard for him to quit. But I have to say that thanks to him I have learned a lot about the political scene (thanks Edgar) and he has really gotten me invloved with contacting our State Representatives about what is important to us as Christians.

I truly believe the the Governer of Alaska Sarah Palin will make a great VP. True she hasn’t had any international experience, but that can come with on the job training.

I believe that as long as she continues to put God first in her life that he will help her and give her the strength that she needs to continue raising her children. Plus if God wants her in that position she will definitly be there.

Well these are just my rambling for the night.

Amy (Amos)

As someone that just left my job and became a stay-at-home mom, I see both sides. I can barely keep up with one. I can’t even begin to imagine have five kids, four of them still being at home. I see the value of my being at home. I get to witness every single development Derek accomplishes and I know that he really responds to having me around all the time. There is no doubt that there obvious benefits to my being at home. There is no care anyone could give my child better than his own mother. (And Paul doesn’t mind it cause the house is much more clean and dinners are readily available).

But, I also see that women have an incredible perspective to add in leadership, whether it be politics, business or church. Should mothers have to limit their impact to solely focus on their family? I know that family should come before any employment or ministry, but does that mean they have to sacrifice the passions they have for things that don’t just include the goings-on at home?

There are some women who have to work and some who are blessed to have the option and want to work. And it doesn’t seem to matter which way it goes, people are criticized for both. So, you go where God calls you and, as Amy said above, pray that God meets those needs in your family that a working mom can’t always fulfill. I know that someday I will go back to work. I will be in full-time ministry. When God calls me back my family will be in His hands, just as they are now.

I pray that God give Sarah Palin the grace to handle both positions. She’s an inspiration to women who want to mother AND work. She’s showing the world that it’s possible to do both, when your foundation is in the Lord.

I think the bigger question is why is this question even being asked in the media? It presents a double-standard to me…and seems a real contradiction. Here is a woman who is strong, sucessful, possibly the most qualified person in this election…and we are being asked about her role as a mother. I’m not just talking about this article…I mean it’s all over the news. I think she has done pretty well up to this point as a mother and a politician. My expectation is she would continue to manage her roles in the same way. As my Grandma Lucke used to say, “If you want something done, ask a busy person. They always get things done!”
Side note, I like that they say she has the “Luck of the Irish;” that everything she is involved in seems to work out. Sounds like favor to me!

I feel redundant leaving this post, as I agree with everything said by those who have preceded me. I think Sue is right when she asks why the media is asking this – especially when much of Hollywood is running around making poor lifestyle choices often at the expense of their families, but it’s ok because we need them for our entertainment. I think this is a classic tactic (politically speaking) to throw mud on her face and discredit her.
Now, speaking from the ‘working mom’ point of view. Part of me does question, wow, how can she do all that? I have two little ones and work part time, sometimes feeling like I can’t hold it all together. It’s easy to judge from the outside looking in, but if she is called then she should do it. I think bottom line, she has to seek God and know if she’s called to do it. If she is, she should obey, if not then don’t do it. God is our source and our identity. If we draw on anything but that – whether a high political position or a stay at home mom, we have built a shaky foundation!

AMEN Jill….. I couldn’t agree with you more. I may not have children of my own (YET). But I had worked with children for almost 7 years and I have taken care of my niece and nephew so I can kind of understand the trials that Moms face especially today.

It’s been awhile since my girls were home but I remember those years. My take on Sarah Palin’s situation is that it depends on two things: does she have a husband who will team up with her and is it for a God called purpose? My husband Pat was great at sharing the parenting with me and his flexible schedule made it possible for me to not only live the wonderful life of a wife and mom but also continue to answer the call to ministry. Together we raised the girls, who by His grace, turned out really well, as well as plant two churches which I co-pastored with him and also let me travel regularly to teach and minister in other cities and countries. There were lots of days that I could have succumbed to the exhaustion of it all but my ‘purpose’ made me draw on the grace that was always available for me and enabled me to live two very fulfilling lives as a woman. As American women, we could wish for those good ole prosperous days of the “stay at home” moms like June Cleaver and Harriet Nelson but today it’s the supermom, thanks to NOW, our present economy and many times, our failure to live within our means. As Christian women, however, we need to look to the women in the Bible that lived amazing lives. Just reading Proverbs 31 makes me tired. If God has called us to live very busy purpose-filled lives, being a mom and answering a call, and given us a spouse willing to share the load, then the grace it takes will also be there for us. There are millions of women who are accomplishing it and to Sarah Palin, I say, “You go, girl! Show them what a real woman can do!”

I like her! What she needs is a good nanny…..ha ha ha! LOL….like that one? I thought you would!

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