Rest is sacred

We are currently taking a vacation w our kids for spring break & we are doing lots of nothing: reading, looking at the mtns, working on a puzzle & sleeping. I know that this sounds really lazy & it’s a bit challenging for me because I’m a rather active person.
Nevertheless, after God made the earth, the Bible says that He rested & even blessed the day of rest, declaring it holy. Rest is an essential ingredient for productive work. Indeed, rest can make your work more productive. To put the icing on the cake, God commands us to rest so let’s be obedient 🙂



Kris Johannesen

Perfectly said….sometimes doing nothing is the “best”….have a restful vaca..

Well you are 100% right, in fact that is the main purpose of the Sabboth, but we Christ-ians sometimes mix up Sunday and Sabbath 🙁 SINCE it is one of the commandments (but we’re not under the law) Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy Exodus 20:8 hmmmm being raised a Baptist boy that was the commandment to “go to church”. But I believe it was meant for a whole different non-agenda purpose. Soooooo I got convicted about the matter and started practicing the traditional Friday/Saturday Sabbath, then going to church on Saturday pm, AND I HAD ALL DAY SUNDAY TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (sorry for you) – IT WAS INCREDIBLY MARVELOUS!!! Maybe Ms Marilyn might consider a Saturday service…? If you get a chance between now, Passover, Pentecost, and Easter go and buy “Fiddler on the Roof” and make it a family night (even try doing the Sabbath song – it will bless you) . That is when I also got my Mezuzah watching Tevah going in/out of his house (as I had also watched Larry and Tiz Huch that week). There is nothing wrong with following some of the statutes which were foundational to our Jewish forefathers, But, I’m afraid most of the Protestant churches have thrown the baby out with the bathwater – what a shame. I came from a background of squeeze in church (run out and do open houses or community events, and then hustle back for Sunday night church) now where was the rest? Sabbath? Now I get up – have my quiet time (spend time in the word), enjoy a book and take the Woofer for a beautiful Colorado walk worshipping the Lord because God is my Source and even He rested.

Roger Tharpe

Rest is essential for optimal performance. Even the bodybuilder knows without rest his muscles will not reach peak performance and vascularity. Resting well each day and taking the weekly rest day, ensures we remain focused on the tasks that are before us

Hi Sarah, I watched you and your mom today teach about Good Friday. I want to share something so profound that God has unpacked from His wonderful gift of salvation going on inside me.

I did not have a meaningful, close relationship with my dad. He was very distant and felt it was mom’s duty to raise the kids. Emotionally distant sitting right next to me – that was my dad.

Well, my Pappa God continues to show me how much He loves me. He truly is a Father to the fatherless!!! By resting and trusting who God is on a daily basis, He gave me the deep revelation that I was with God before I was conceived in the womb. I was with my Pappa God THEN and I am with my Pappa God NOW because of what Jesus went through on Good Friday for all of us. AMEN! I knew that on paper but now I know it deep in my heart.

God has never stopped nor never will stop loving us or calling us to Himself. We are His creation and He longs for us to come close and rest.
May I encourage everyone to sit and meditate on His Truth that we have been restored by faith in Jesus to be, once again, with our Pappa God who created us for Himself.

This Easter weekend is so wonderful and exciting to celebrate!
He is Risen indeed and His resurrection lives in us – His Kids!
He’s Alive and so am I! Thank you Jesus for loving us so very much!
Now that is REST!

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