Remote Control

When my husband & I watch tv together, it’s an interesting adventure. If he drives, it seems that we wind up watching nothing to a conclusion. If I drive, we see too many commercials. Thankfully, we both enjoy watching sports & this helps us find some middle ground that we both enjoy ­čÖé
But before there were remote controls for changing the volume & channels on TV, we used to physically get up & turn the knob to adjust the volume or watch something different – a more tactile & active exercise than the modern remote control evolution. 

Let’s be sure, however, that we give Jesus “remote control” in our lives. Indeed, let’s allow Jesus to work in our lives so that we watch & focus on the things that are most pleasing to Him. Let’s allow Jesus to drive ,)


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Entregamos a nuestro Se├▒or el car├ícter de Madre e Hija!!! y el control de nuestra Vida el es quien nos Se├▒orea!!!No tenemos Tv si compu!!!el es nuestro Rey de Reyes!!!Nuestro Abogado…El Ministro de Econom├şa!!!!Amen

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