Relevant Physical Therapy Lessons

I’m currently laying on my back having just finished another round of pt – recovering from shoulder surgery after dislocating it from snowboarding). Here are some brief take aways I’m learning that could be helpful for you:
*be nice, friendly & warm even when someone is hurting you – being mean just makes things worse

*take a deep breath & exhale – reminds me to pause rather than curl up in a ball to disappear 

*stretch & strengthen – both good thoughts for growing in life

*laugh when you want to cry – pain can sometimes mean growing & improving 

*be consistent & be present – half of the battle is showing up

*God knows your limits & God is continually present with strength & comfort 

Consider that there could be some pretty cool common applications in both physical & spiritual therapy ,)



Maria Perez

I wish you speedily recovery and God bless you

Cristina ( Cris)

*God knows your limits & God is continually present with strength & comfort …Amen..Cris Parodi

you are a great encourager …. his strength is perfected in our weakness? you are a tower of strength and your blog is one that I am sincerely thankful to be receiving information from …. jesus lay it all down for us …. and I am thankful to see you following in our masters footsteps … you are genuine and real … GOD BLESS

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