We had a really cool lunch with some friends yesterday & we talked about what we most liked about our 2012.  It was cool to listen to everyone & my kids had some very insightful observations.  For me, here are a few things I’ve liked about 2012:

  • opening our first nightcare with Saving Moses has to be one of the greatest highlights of the year – check out this short video to see some cool stuff on this:
  • taking my whole family on our first family missions trip – watching everyone minister in their unique ways 🙂
  • people’s gracious & kind words and thoughts with my dad’s death
  • lessons learned with lots of grace to mitigate the full potential from bad mistakes – whoops with lots of grace!!

What has been really good for you in 2012?  I’d like to hear your thoughts?

Happy New Year – early!



Wishing you a mighty and prosperous 2013!!! May each of your heart’s desires manifest in this year!!! In Jesus Name! Speaking supernatural hope and peace to every situation and circumstance in Jesus Name! Love & Blessings! – Wendy

Lorraine Dale

This has been a great year for me, helping my disabled sister get settled in a nice place to live, getting use to retirement, and, last of all, having you and your mom as facebook friends has just put the icing on the cake for me.

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