Reconcile Rather Than Revile

“That’s DISGUSTING!!!”  Lots of people have this reaction when they begin to hear about the daily living of a sex worker in third world countries. I’m in Cambodia this week with our annual Saving Moses team trip & our nightcare work here (feel free to come w me next year).  I love to watch God change various perspectives about people & various hardships / experiences these women go through to say nothing about their babies & toddlers.  On a more immediate context, maybe you know people who are making bad decisions, going down an awful trajectory or compromising in unthinkable ways. 

Do we choose to revile or reconcile?  

Regardless of the decisions people make, we can shame & revile them or walk alongside & reconcile them. Jesus is a great example of reconciling rather than reviling 🙂



Fran Chiarotto

I have watched your program many times and I do enjoy listening to your guests. I also enjoy you and your mom. My mom and I did not have a good relationship until I had my family. I did not live close to mom. She had walked away from dad and her 6 children. She had brought a lot of evil things into our home, Adultery, sharpness of the tongue, impatience, coldness in dealing with her children and husband, I have given that all to the Lord and forgiven her. She really opened a terrible road for herself and suffered immensely. She has told all of her children that she is sorry for everything and does love us all. I know the only thing that saved me was the Lord, my Saviour. My heart goes out to mom because I know how much she must have suffered.
I have been married for almost 43 yrs to a beautiful man. God chose him for me. We have 3 wonderful sons, 5 grandchildren and 2 daughter-in-laws. My youngest son is not married but is living with his significant other. I am praying that they will marry soon. There is so much that needs to be corrected. I am Roman Catholic and I pray the gospel everyday, the rosary, and the Divine Mercy prayer along with other prayers but I do not see my children coming back to Church. It breaks my heart because they belong to Him and were created in God’s image.
This has been a long story but there is much more.
I thank you for reading, pls pray for us all. Parents are Joe &Fran, sons and wives are Damian&Jennifer, Brandon &Alayna & Daniel. His significant love isDayna. My grandchildren are Zachary, Caleb, Wyatt, Elise Mary and EmmieRose. I am concerned about zachary because he’s almost 15 and does not share very much anymore. He seems to lack confidence.
As you can see there are a lot of things to pray for. Pls lift us all up to God and pray for our salvation. My boys all attended church every Sunday and do know the Lord but are caught up in the world. That curse needs to be broken. Thank you – fran Chiarotto.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

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