I’ve noticed that I’m not blogging as much as before I left for Ethiopia & I’ve been thinking about this.  Truth be known, I think I have been really rocked by this trip in lots of ways & I still find myself being unraveled from this trip, from time to time.  I find myself processing things a little differently, but I’m also finding myself really hungry for Jesus – more than hungry. I’m finding myself to be very needy – I need Jesus & this trip has done many things, the most blatant to me is exposing my desperation for Jesus in a daily context.  THis trip also showed me some areas where I’ve limited God & offended Him w my arrogance. 

I want this turning to Jesus to become a bend in my heart (bend, inclination, habit, predisposition, proclivity . . . . pick your word), cultivated into a lifestyle of craving Him.  I need Jesus more than I want Him and more than I like Him.



i can relate to you on this…i havent been able to do the things that i have been “needing” to do, i quote needing cause they arent very important, but to me they seemed so important before, and now all i can seem to is think about how Jesus is calling me somewhere that im afraid to follow because of arrogance.
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this year has been a complete stripping away of what’s been comfortable to me. i feel very raw, but i feel God at the center of it. molding me, shaping me, transforming me. it makes me completely vulnerable to Him and no matter how hard that feels, i know there’s no better place to be. i know that it’s forcing me to be absolutely and utterly dependent on Jesus.

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