random thoughts

These are some thoughts that have been rolling around of late:

*God is present in every moment

*Matt 6:1-18 is our next Wed night series – i’ve been marinating in it for almost a month now, so I pray God will help me accurate to not only Jesus’ words but His heart in these words

*we went on vacation this last week & I think someone sat on my computer bc the plasma screen is messed up – tremendous sorrow has ensued (remember, sarah, God is present in every moment)

*I feel a desperate need for some quotidian drudgery.  my life over the last month has been in a semi-state of upheaval.  i need the security of my crossing guard post.  🙂

*greek starts in a week – praise Jesus!

*God has been engaging & confronting me – i feel somewhat unsettled, still


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hey I did that to my old laptop too only it was a camera lense that dinged it. Kind of psychodelic but at least for me, no cure less than a several hundred $’s. For that much I bought a new one. Praying for you a new one!

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