Pulling teeth :(

My son is getting some teeth removed this morning to make space for his adult teeth to come in better. My personal opinion on this is “no bueno”. Taking out teeth is a really good example of the opposite of how I feel when I’m with God during my morning prayer time. As passionately as I LOVE being with God in our quiet & still morning hours, I just as much LOATHE this tooth pulling stuff. Nevertheless, I get the opportunity to experience God in a variety of ways, if I’ll stop clenching my fists, take some deep breaths & be still. God is present in every moment, at peaceful, stressful, uncertain & neutral times. God is constant when life is not 🙂


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Amen can anyone understand the “gi-normity” and the working of the universe so that his special spirits don’t instantly freeze or bake (well it was a little warm today haha), and all the pieces and parts work together so incredibly. It is past comprehension and then to love us that much. WOWser! 🙂

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