Puking in the car

Well, of course life has many exciting twists & turns with unexpected surprises, some good & others not as much. The wonderful part of the not so good surprises is that it’s a chance to look for the silver lining.
For example, on the way to the mountains for a family ski day, one of the kids puked in the car & one of the headlights on my car is burned out. So as we were looking for a gas station to clean up the puke, low & behold, across the street from the gas station is a battery & light bulb shop – thereby killing two birds with one stone, puke cleaning & bulb replacing.
Maybe when Jesus was born & there wasn’t any room in the Inn, maybe the silver lining was that a baby in a manger was much easier to find for the shepherds than a normal situation. Silver lining my friends 🙂
And like I said yesterday, Jesus take the wheel



Evangelist Louise Schmaling

Dear sister Sara,
Your in my prayers always.

Yep and Joel message this week is excellent also about “turn around” – Blessings

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