Puke Bags

On my flight from Taiwan yesterday, my seat mate who didn’t speak any English, started puking after we landed in Los Angeles. She filled up her first bag, pronto & I quietly slipped her my bag, trying not to squirm out of my skin. Truth be known, I was super sympathetic because of an AWFUL experience I had earlier this year on a flight out of Africa. 
It seems to me that it’s much easier to be sympathetic when we’ve walked a similar road. I could’ve easily chosen to be repelled & revolted by this lady’s condition or I could choose to do my best to help her. 

What I thoroughly love about Jesus is that He chose to come into the human experience & walk among us, passing out puke bags & more importantly healing our broken condition. Let’s actively choose to be compassionate & helpful rather than revolted & repelled with the people around us 🙂


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I pray that I may never be so selfish as to not bake muffins or cook a meal for a stressed out neighbor who is clearly at wits end; how sad offense takes the place of helpfulness. I pray that I will see opportunities to be a better human being in the future. I love your blog, Sarah, it is always eye opening and insightful information for me. God bless you and your ministries. (P.S. Please forgive any grammar errors.)

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