I’m currently sitting at a malnutrition center along w about 15-20 moms who have just received some medical care for their babies & who are now feeding them their afternoon meal. One little guy next to me is named Augusto & he’s about 16months old. He has a sister who is a little bit bigger than he is, but she’s 3months old. The differences are so stark it can be very unsettling. Thankfully, we are working on a system whereby we can keep a steady supply of formula available for these malnutrition clinics to the sole purpose of helping all of the babies who come in having such tremendous nutrition needs.
This trip has had it’s fair share of ups & downs but I think we’ve established some great relationships whereby we can make a steady supply of formula & hopefully expand to other provinces in Benguela as well. I also had the great privilege of meeting a Dr this morning who is 2nd in command to the Minister of Health for the Benguela province here in Angola. It looks possible that we could work toward a potential partnership with this agency & other partners to create a scheme to reduce infant mortality here. Saving Moses is doing very effective work here! Thanks for all of your prayers, encouragement & support!



So excited for what God is doing in Angola! I read every post and pray for you and your team! Bless you Pastor Sarah! You are a PIONEER for JESUS! Only Heaven will tell of the harvest from every seed you are planting!!

Great reports Sarah! Saving Moses is making a difference and it’s so great to be a part of your team. Praying you!

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