pressure points

Yesterday felt like one long day of pressure points – pressure with family stuff, pressure with work stuff, pressure with finances, pressure with time, pressure with friendships, pressure with kids, . . . . pressure, and it wasn’t fun.  I often think that pressure isn’t bad because it builds strength.  When I lift weights, I put pressure on my muscles, which makes them fatigued for the moment, but stronger in the long run.  I think Christianity can be like that – its swimming upstream and it makes us stronger.  However, there is also a point where we stop trying to get stronger and we start relying on God – which ultimately creates a greater relationship with Him (2 Cor 1:8-10).  Pressure doesn’t have to be bad or destructive, when you have the right perspective.  I think its when our perspective gets wobbly that things can get dicey.  Maybe pressure is given to us to make us stronger.  Maybe pressure is given to us to deepen our walk with Jesus & improve our trust in Him.  Or maybe pressure is given to us for both purposes.  Whatever the purpose is for the pressure, let’s agree to keep watching Jesus and looking for His truth and work in our lives.



really happy to find this blog

You nailed it here Sarah. We have two choices to pressure and difficult situations. We can try to hold on more tightly, clinging to the illusion of control and actually thus spinning out of control. Or we can just let go. The freedom of just letting go and letting the Loving Father catch you is so amazing.

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