Pressure exposes trust

There are some really great worship songs that talk about trusting in Jesus & how wonderful it is to trust Him. In theory, I agree with these songs & I appreciate their melodic & soothing tune & words. In practice, however, I’m not very convinced that trusting in Jesus is a really smoothy & groovy road. For me, the challenge to trust in Jesus often exposes areas in my life where I’m not trusting in Jesus well. Furthermore, the adjustments I need to make in those areas to trust Jesus better can be difficult. But at the end of the day, I am wholly convinced that it is truly better to trust in Jesus more than anyone or anything else. Don’t let various pressures tempt you to not trust Jesus 🙂


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Okay everyone is looking for a formula. Here is a tried and tested many day getcha goin and stay on it Jesus recipe for a good day and some days a great day. First of all, when you are roliing out of bed just go ahead and hit your knees and let the Lord know your fears and together with his help you’re gonna make it through while you confess the antidote. Next,, read today’s passage of Sarah Young – Jesus Calling – do the mind melt thing with the Hoy Spirit. Just you and Jesus and on to Joel’s Declaration for the day. Read it out loud (sometimes twice), and then put on your favorite Praise CD – I prefer Fred Hammond – crank it up or Daystar’s Reflection depending. If you’re not there yet – better consider “Time for the Prayer Call” to Marilyn and Sarah, or the CD series of choice.
During the day some prefer the Love station, but I hit Final manner / secret 3 times a day – check it out 9 noon and 3 pm – Because “the church couldn’t do the Daniel prayer deal so they made it a breakfast / lunch / and dinner thing,
But alas very few people I know want to put the bit in their mouth. Rules are for those sissy Christians after all I live in grace hahaha. Smile

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