Today is an important day for Saving Moses, as we are praying, planning & strategizing for what God wants to do with Saving Moses in 2016. Days like this are important & they are have very massive impact for what we do in 2016, as well as how we do those significant goals.

We have this annual meeting at my house, so there are things that I do to prepare: clean the house, get coffee / tea ready, my husband made fresh biscuits this morning for everyone, I’ve made some good plans for lunch & some other things. Suffice it to say that I’ve prepared for this meeting with logistical foresight, mostly. But the most important thing I can do for this meeting is pre-prayer.

Let’s always remember that prayer is foundation for all of our preparation, so let’s always pre-prayer for each day J


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Cristina Parodi

every day before breakfast pray thanking our awakening our breakfast and dinner almuerzzo idem . Besides intimately aside time to thank the Lord for all his love and misericordia.Damos thanks for the presence of the Holy Spirit and to be witness as Christians. Idem when preparing food . Thank you for your intercession sara

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