Praise Report!!

Last month, my son randomly got a metal splinter in his finger & we’ve had some difficulties trying to get it out. After he tried & I tried, we prayed & gave the dr a chance & the only result was that his finger became infected 🙁
During our 2nd visit to the dr, she did an xray & we discovered that he still had some of the splinter in his finger. After lots of medical advice, we decided that we had to get rid of the infection as our first priority.
Long story short, my son got the splinter out last night & here’s the picture we took of it!! Prayer works!!




That is awesome!!! Praise Jesus!!


Wow! That’s a big one. Praise God!

God is great! I have had soo many praise reports after praying and watching your show. The most recent I had a spot on my mammogram of density that was a concern. It was found one week after my mom died of breast cancer. After prayer completely gone! Praise! Thanks Sarah to you and your mom for helping me always focus on the Word of God!

Sarah- God is great! I can’t tell you how many healing prayers have been answered as a result of standing in faith with you and your mom. Most recently I had a density show up on my mammogram. It was found only a week after my mom died of breast cancer. After prayer it was completely gone! Thank you to you and your mom for helping me stay in the Word of God. Blessings, Amy Diederich

God is Love – He cares even about the litte bitty splinters in life (even the ones in our own eyes haha)
Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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