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I had a friend who wrestled with anorexia & bulimia. It was an entirely awful thing to watch her in this struggle & I couldn’t grasp how she could think she was overweight when the scale said 72lbs & she was like 5’7″. Despite numerous indicators that she was not fat or overweight, she still kept this mindset & it ripped me up. As she struggled with this challenge, I did my level best to be a supportive friend but there was nothing I could do to change her perspective. 
The vision she had of herself was defective & didn’t match truth, so this vision was inherently destructive. If we aren’t careful, our perspective & vision can be smoked with deception & distortion by the devil. This is why it’s absolutely critical that we live in Romans 12:1-2. Don’t be conformed to the world but be transformed by renewing your mind. Let’s choose power vision rather defective vision šŸ™‚



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I struggled with Bulimia as a teen. Now I am 47, had the bariatric sleeve surgery and lost 150 pounds so far. Yet, when I look in the mirror, I see LARGE. Romans 12 speaks of not conforming to the world’s view on anything. That includes body image. Fat shaming, Thin shaming, people shaming in general really warp a person’s sense of feeling normal. This is why outside help (as in well intended friends, nice words, etc) don’t register. I look forward to the day I’m in glory because I won’t suffer from that any more. I’ll be ok and loved as is.

totally AGREE!!!

Sara, me conmueve estos testimonios, en mi congregaciĆ³n en cĆ©lulas en RDR, me sorprende la gran cantidad de Hermanos que viviendo en Cristo, tienen ataques de pĆ”nicos…entiendo que hay tiempos de Dios con cada uno de mis Hermanas y una espiritualidad que debe crecer…La sanidad la otorga Dios.. En sus tiempos…pero pregunto si realmente somos lavados, dejamos lo viejo cuando tomamos al SeƱor como nuestro SeƱor y Salvador…por que no nos perdonamos, y vivimos gozosos el amor del SeƱor.

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