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When I was growing up, I remember that my dad really enjoyed fixing up antique furniture.  He would get something for cheap from a garage sale that looked like it should’ve been taken to the dump.  He would bring it home, whip out the ultra-toxic, highly noxious & uber deadly furniture stripper, don his invincible, thick, industrial grade rubber gloves and begin to turn the trash into a treasure.  After getting all of the garbage stripped off the wood, he’d sand down the furniture and get out some furniture glue to put together any broken pieces very gently with furniture clamps and then oil the treasure so that it was entirely transformed.  In some ways, my dad was a magician.  But in other ways, he was very incapable.  He couldn’t do cars, electrical lamps and plumbing to name a few.

Thankfully, our heavenly Father is in the all-around fix-it business.  He takes all of our brokenness, strips away the corrosive veneer we accumulate to cover the ugly, he sands down and smooths out the rough spots and more.  One of the things I love about our heavenly Father is that He is the ultimate Master Craftsman.  There’s nothing broken that He can’t fix, there’s nothing ugly that He can’t redeem and there’s no one so dysfunctional that He cannot transform.  Nothing is impossible with our Creator! 🙂



Josephine McCrory

Hallelujah Miss Sarah! Just like He said He would do! Blessings! Josie

Yep yep yep that’s right – the only thing was missing the amount of time put into his / His labor of love. We all wished that things could be fixed right away, butttttttttttt time heals most wounds or armatures depending on how bad they are broken. Smile

Alice Jackson

Our God is the “end all, be all” Craftsman.


Amen and amen!




Nothing is impossible for the Lord to bring me My Futer Husband! !

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