Please be encouraged :)

Well, I’m just incredibly amazed by the wisdom & goodness of God. I came to Cambodia with the hope that we could finally get our 1st nightcare up and running & I’m leaving in less than 24 hours with seeing this hope turn into a reality. In a very short amount of time, I’ve see God’s hand working to secure a facility for nightcare, staffing needs, supplies and of supreme importance, the babies and toddlers who will be receiving care, protection, nurture and genuine love.
I’ve seen Gods hand move with such astounding confirmation in the last 24 hours that I’m almost speechless, almost ,)
Dear friends, please do not give up in the hopes and dreams that God has put in your heart. Please trust God for His timing, revel & relish the fellowship that we share w God. He is truly worthy of praise.



No words can adequately express my admiration for the love you express to the children.

Thank you, Sarah. We look forward to your returning home, and are thrilled to hear of your victory in faith in Cambodia. Maria Paula is planning her mission trip to Cambodia now for this summer with you and the ministerial team.

Speaking of faith, can you kindly remind me of the Bible story and its citation if you recall it that you taught on about a year ago during a service? You spoke of an Old Testament Bible character who was speaking with others in his tribe who were fretting over how to defeat their outnumbering enemy. He stepped out in faith, ascended the pinnacle where the enemy was gathered, and he conquered all of them alone.

Can you please remind me of who that was, and where I can reread the story? Thank you, and many blessings.

Alice Jackson

Hi Sarah-

Great job! You and God are one powerful working team!. As I always believe: Onward and Upward. There’s no stopping with God at your back. Have a safe trip home. We’ll (ORCC family) be here to welcome you back.


So glad for the future impact Saving Moses will have in Cambodia. God bless all those on the ground working in the nightcare center and for the future children that Saving Moses will minister.


Praise God! This is so wonderful. Continuing to hold you in my thoughts and prayers.

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