I have lots of people in my life who are great at planning.  They know dates, expectations, schedules and how things are supposed to happen.  They educate themselves, assemble the resources that will be used and do all kinds of preparation, thinking and planning.  I’m really grateful for these people because these kinds of things can be kind of tricky for me.  For example, I’m grateful that my husband frequently asks me when I make international with Saving Moses trips if I have cash with me for traveling because I can forget important things for concentrating on not forgetting my coffee supplies ,)

Here’s my saving grace, it’s been my experience that The Holy Spirit, Whom I call The Helper, is my Great Planner – seems to go along with how God organized & planned the world in Gen 1.  This gives me great confidence that God is planning my life and Helping me along each step of the way – and for you as well!! 😀




Well put and I believe that most people just don’t have a clue – thinking that is only about tongues or prophesying, but I also believe that the Holy Spirit has an unique sense of humor – like the leg cramp that hurdles me out of bed and I pick up a verse or hear someone on t.v. with that little message just for me. But the best one was I was taking justa little too long in my sofa/chair with some inspirational reading not watching the time and an irritating fly/bug came circling my head as if to say “get up from there and get going” just before I swatted it, and said “oops – thank you Lord!”

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