Currently, I’m listening to my kids talk with their neighbor friends about doing a lemonade stand.  It’s interesting to hear them talk through their ideas: dismissing some, adjusting some and embracing somek (along with some fun rabbit trails – Leonardo Davinci was left handed but wrote with his right hand so he wouldn’t smudge the ink). Anyways, there’s alot to be said for planning & I say this because I tend to not be very good at planning.  I tend to leap before I look & then wonder how I got myself into these various messes.  Thankfully, God had me marry an engineer, who can be the epitome of planning.  My husband’s mantra to me is:  if you fail to plan you plan to fail.  I had to listen to that a few times before I could really appreciate that wisdom, even when it was counter-intuitive to me ,)

The flip side is that being spontaneous can be lots of fun!!!  If you’re the planning type, be careful that you don’t get so stuck in the plans that you fail to do something;  if you’re the spontaneous type, don’t neglect to plan so that you wind up in an unplanned mess 🙂

Happy Labor Day!!




Prayer for one us spontaneous types, ” Lord send me a housecleaner who loves their job as much as I hate to do the job, and someone to clean-up in the kitchen would be nice after one of my scrumpteous spontaneous moments, too. In the meantime, thank you for your patience while I try and conquer that facet of my life.” Amen

Oh, and while you’re at it Lord I could use an understanding accoutant who could help me with my taxes, too! Smile

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