Plan B, C, D, . . . . Day

In theory, I plan my days & schedule stuff purposefully. So when my plans for the day get interrupted, I move to Plan B. And there are some days, when Plan B gets adjusted to Plan C, Plan D & . . . .  You get the point. And a person could get very flustered with so many plan changes. 

Or, a person could trust in our All-Wise God, knowing that His plans are better than our plans. To achieve that level of flexibility, it’s helpful to believe that God is loving & looking out for our best interests. It’s also helpful to recognize that our plans will never be better than Gods plans.  So if you’re a planning kind of person, let’s be certain that we hold onto God more tightly than our plans 🙂


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Excellent (plan)! I always say when a particular plan or direction doesn’t work out, “Plan B was God’s Plan A all along.”

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