people watching

I seriously love to watch people.  I love to watch their facial expressions, the way they interact with others, the creative clothing combinations and lots more!  I love to see that despite our best efforts to fit in, we each have our distinct individuality – reflections of our infinitely creative Divine Designer.  When I listen to people, I hear ideas & perspectives that I’ve never considered before, leaving me sometimes awestruck.

All of this leaves me fully appreciating the reality that we are each fearfully & wonderfully made, in the image of God, valuable far beyond any human estimation or transaction.  All of this originates from the fundamental premise that we are unconditionally loved by our Creator.

Today, I celebrate YOU!!!



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Cristina Parodi

Es exacto tu Intercesión!!! el Señor atraves de Espíritu Santo modela nuestro carácter…..que como los arboles toma un tiempo individual como nuestras huellas digitales para florecer cada día mas a su imagen y semejanza!!!!!

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