Pecan Pie

I make a pretty killer pecan pie & no, it’s not healthy, nor glutton free, not fat free & it has very little nutritional value. If a person eats my pecan pie, it’s strictly for the flavor, full stop 🙂
The reason my pecan pie is so good is that I’ve made all the mistakes I can think of, learning how to make it the best I know. I’ve botched the crust, I’ve forgotten to add sugar, I’ve messed up the filling, I’ve accidentally mixed up the sugar & salt quantities, along with a host of other mistakes. But after numerous failures, I can now make a pecan pie almost with my eyes closed that might be good enough for commercial sale. Mistakes go with the process that creates excellence. Don’t quit with your mistakes & don’t give up in the process 🙂




Gee that sounds terrific…yum. Lucky somebody.

Maria Perez

Sarah, my first attempt to make a pecan pie was such a failure that I haven’t try at it again.


I’ve noticed the more mistakes I’ve made in a certain area the better I get at it the next go around and start becoming an expert. e.g. Computer programs, algebra, history, etc.

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