When I was growing up, we used the Big Chief red note pads to learn how to write.  I still remember that dingy paper & the giant lines in which I was supposed to keep my writing (good luck).  When I started using the regular white lined paper, I remember thinking that it seemed like they wasted alot of space on the sides because the Big Chief paper didn’t have the red line on the left – margin.  As I continued to refine my writing skills, I started writing smaller & smaller so that I could get more stuff on the page – at one point, my teacher probably needed a microscope to read my writing.

So here are some thoughts on space & time:

  • margins create clarity – when we try to squeeze everything into a small space or time, everything can get blurry and confusing really fast
  • while we are designed to be productive and to achieve things, it’s important to maintain balance between workload and breathing room
  • rest and escape aren’t the same thing
  • rest can be a form of trusting God 🙂


I loved your post…it did make me think of your current writing style and it made me chuckle just a little. You are amazing!

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Great analogy – even though my understanding is cursive is on the way out of the classroom right behind the 10 commandments hmmmm. Pretty soon they will be doing street interviews or could even do it in most churches – the 10 what?? Here’s a test next week for the Sunday Service only let people in the door (momentarily) who can tell you more than 5 commandments – the foundation of our beliefs. I could just squeek in the door. Sad isn’t it. But, Great Blog and GREAT SERIES on your shows this week.

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