I’ve been thinking lately about the various paradoxes in our lives:

faith without mystery just might not be faith – if we don’t have to trust & believe in God, then we must consider the possibility that we may not be doing something by faith;

love is sacrificial – love gives what is meaningful not only to us, but moreso, what is meaningful to the recepient; love is generous at our own expense

Jesus gives us what we need, but not always what we want;  I find myself very thankful that He makes this decision because my wants are not always the most healthy decisions for me

justice – this is something I’m really thinking about of late.  More to follow as this marinates in my heart & thoughts.

Today, here is some encouragement for you: be gentle with yourself, keep your thoughts healthy & constructive, be patient, generous & kind with others whether they deserve it or not, smile alot, be still for a moment & receive Jesus’ love to you, recognize that God often works in ways that aren’t always humanly familiar.  You are extravagantly loved by your heavenly Father


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I just found your blog. I will bookmark it. 😉 I watch you and your dear mom on t.v. and have been encouraged and blessed by the two of you. I first saw your mom on Joyce Meyer and just was so intrigued by her zeal and love for the Lord. Thank you for your ministry.

I have been following Christ since I was a teenager. I have grown closer to Him over the past 8 years. Trial and tribulation sends one running to the Father!! I am asking you to pray for me. The past 6 mo months I have just felt fear, worry, dread which sends me to feeling down, depressed, physically sick, etc. It comes over the smallest thing and then wiggles around in my brain until it is all consuming. I speak the Word daily – hourly!My husband is praying for me and is supportive in this time of “war”. I know I have heard “a new level, a new devil”. I know God is for me. I just ask that you also lift me up to Jesus. I am ready to move past this…I pray God is ready, too. I know He uses all things for good to those that love Him.
Thanks so much, Sarah.

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