Painting Lessons

Well, I’m in the middle of painting 2 of our kids rooms & we’re having some fun learning how this whole project is supposed to work. There are some interesting parallels between painting & God:
*progress requires patience & boy am I grateful that God & others are patient a me as I grow, spill, have failures & learn
*slow work tends to avoid fast & messy mistakes – ceilings, corners, edges all require more precision & care
*its ok to get messy – still trying to get paint off of my hands, arms, legs, hair & the kids. Thankfully God cleans me up better than my best efforts
*you can paint over mistakes – paint has great redeeming qualities with mistakes, but nothing is more efficacious than Jesus’ blood
*keep trying – we’ve got another room to do & I know that I’ll learn even more about this process & I’ll continue to get better 🙂
*painting will not be my fall back career, unless I plan to go on a long-term fasting schedule ,)



Great Truths…Soothing Humour!

Alice Jackson

Survival tip of painting: drop clothes. Lots and lots of drop clothes. God will guide your hand and fun the rest of the way. Your body paint will be the wounds of your work as Jesus’ blood was on him. Have a ball and don’t forget the drop cloths. Blessings. :^)

That is so very true thank you for the insight, to see God in,every thing we do, thank u.

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