overcoming fear

A very nice friend asked me today about overcoming fear & I felt encouraged that I should write about this today 🙂

In relation to fear, there are lots of things that could trouble us:  fear of failure, fear of getting hurt, fear of something from the past, fear of falling down, fear of the future, fear of relationships, . . . . . .   The Greeks used the term phobia and attached all kinds of things to this word (agrophobia, necrophobia & my personal favorite, snake-o-phobia).

So here are some strategies that could be helpful to overcoming fear:

  • do it scared – I stole this outright from Joyce Meyer;  she’s uber cool!
  • face the fear a little bit at a time rather than to look at the whole thing
  • consider that the devil uses fear to control us & that God created us from the very beginning to have authority, dominion & power
  • catch fear in the early stage so it doesn’t go stupid
  • choose to trust God & reject fear – yes to trust and no to fear
  • keep trying – failing is more like practice if we take out the fear ingredient
  • remember that 1 John says that perfect love casts out fear!

Feel free to add your own advice & pass this along to your fam & friends! 😀



Atlean Martin-Holloman

“The Circle Of Love – Prayerful Hope & Encouragement”
“Overcoming Fear” – By Sarah Bowling

Thanks, Sarah…..I accept the opportunity to share my thoughts on Overcoming
Fear. I have come a long way, by *Faith…I am always *Encouraged by the Power,
That Is in The Word.

The Bible says, “For the Kingdom of God is NOT In Word BUT IN POWER.”
(1st *Corinthians 4: 20)

Therefore, We Can MEDITATE IN HIS Word, For Power Over Fear.. Here are
a Few Scriptures, which I Find Helpful:

* “For God HAS NOT given us a *Spirit of Fear, BUT of Power, and of Love; of
a Sound Mind.” (II *Timothy 1: 7)

*Likewise, the scripture states: “Behold, I give YOU AUTHORITY to Trample on
Serpents, and Scorpions, and over All The *POWER Of The ENEMY; NOTHING
(*Luke 10: 19)

*Finally, “Let The Redeemed of the Lord say so, whom HE Has Redeemed From
The hand of The Enemy.” ***I SAY SO:
(*Psalms 107: 2)

* “I called on The Lord in distress; The Lord *Answered Me; Set Me In a broad
Place. The Lord is on my side I Will Not Fear. What Can Man DO TO ME?
The Lord is For Me among those Who Help Me…Therefore, I Shall See My
*Desire On Those Who Hate me.”
(*Psalms 118: 5, 6; 7)

As I close, I *Encourage All of Us With This *Final Scripture:

* “But No Weapon, That Is Formed Against *YOU Shall Prosper; every tongue,
that Shall *Rise Against You in Judgement – YOU Shall Show To Be In The
Wrong.” (*Isaiah 54: 17) ***AMEN

Sincere Prayer For: A Healthy, Protective & Prosperous Life~
Blessing & Joyous Living,
*Evangelist: @ The Prayer Corner
Aka A. M. Holloman Ministry – “JOY – LOVE” 🙂

Trust and Obey for there is no other way…:)

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