yesterday, Benji was running & fell – getting the classic elbow scrape.  it wasn’t bleeding, but the skin got rubbed off just enough to make it stingy for awhile.  getting hurt is the pits – big hurts, little hurts, medium size hurts, they’re all the pits.

bandaidlately, i’ve been thinking about pain & some hurts from back when i was a kid.  everyone has childhood pains – hurt feelings, broken friendships, parental disappointments, harsh words that still haunt us, . . . . .  being human can be stingy.  but the real rub comes if we don’t let something good come out of the pain.  i’ve watched myself with the various pains that have been interwoven in my life – sometimes i let them impair me & sometimes i take them to God.  When i take them to God, i want Him to make it feel better NOW & yesterday is too long to wait.  But here’s an interesting thought, pain has caused me to burrow into God (maybe more like respond to His invitations) like i never do when i’m not hurt.  i find, of late, that Jesus walks me through various pains & helps me grow – grow closer to Him, grow in truth, grow in strength, grow in character, grow. so maybe the various pains we experience are “growing pains” when we bring them to Jesus. 

pain isn’t so much the problem, its what we do w it that impairs, medicates or fuels us.  let’s chose to grow



I so agree about what you shared about pain. I have learned over the years that when I bring my pain to Him…there is such a sweet presence and comfort that comes over me. Jesus is always right there to listen and bring us through. What a awesome God we serve. I can’t even imagine what my life would look like or where I would be without Him. The veres in Isaiah comes to mind…He came to heal the brokenhearted. If we can just bring our hurts to him all the broken pieces and let Him be glorified in our pain. That is the ultimate!

Funny you write about this because I feel this is one of the many things the Lord seems to be teaching me right now. I don’t have any huge pain in my life compared to others (thank you Lord!) but as silly as this sounds, it’s a pain of change in MY PLANS or circumstances. I’m reading this book called “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges and today I read the chapter on discontentment. And although I need to read it again to absorb everything, what popped out to me was this…”It’s our response to our circumstances rather than the degree of difficulty that determines whether or not we are discontent.” or this..”Whatever your circumstances, and however difficult they may be, the truth is that they are ordained by God for you as part of His overall plan for your life. God does nothing, or allows nothing, without a purpose. And His purposes, however mysterious and inscrutable they may be to us, are always for His glory and our ultimate good.”

So, what I see as the little pain in my life has a different view in my mind today. For it’s how we respond and do I run to Him? He’s wanting to teach me things even in the pain…

Great post! I really enjoy reading your blogs.

I’ve learned throughout the years to come to Jesus with my pain as soon as it happens otherwise I try and fix it with my own strength or it just festers which only gets me into more trouble. In fact when I allow Jesus to come into my pain/the situation it always amazes me how he can bring healing and restoration.

It has taken me many years and much heartache taking my pain to Him, I can’t tell you the amount of time I have spent crying at my savior’s feet but once I began allowing Him inside to heal my pain I have NEVER once regretted it.

it is so true about pain… it is what you do with the pain that makes the difference. Just end of last year i had to let go of a person that is dear to me. The Lord impressed in me that i need to let go of that person, because she was part of my “past issue” when i haven’t met the Lord yet. It really brought me intense pain, and until now i still feel that pain in a way (but thank God I’m kinda moving on). Pain actually brings me closer to God. In moments like this I felt and see God’s love and power all the more… I see my limitaions, weakness and God indeed meets me there. His power is made perfect in my weakness…I should address this pain as “growing pains” not otherwise… thanks for the blogposts! God bless you.

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