Back in the day, I visited Prague when it was under communism and I had an interesting experience there.  My friends & I popped into a grocery store in Prague and since I’d never visited a grocery store in a communist country, I was in for a surprise – no choices.  I quickly realized that I totally take for granted all of the choices I have at an American grocery store (for example, I can get green beans in a variety of ways:  fresh, frozen, canned, low sodium, french cut, etc).

Sometimes, I think we take for granted that we have every day.  Some of these choices include:

  • how we spend our time
  • what we think about
  • what our attitude will be
  • the depth of our relationship with God
  • eating and exercise 🙂

Let’s make wise choices ,)



Joyce Overstreet

Sara, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. I watch you with your Mom just about every day on the computer and really recieve from your sweet, sweet spirits. He has given you both very gentle and edifying
hearts. I have gleaned from your Mother since I was about 20. I am now about 55. Thank you for your Service to Christ, You two have made a difference.

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