optical illusions



One of my favorite guys who did amazing illusion work was Escher.  Whenever I look at his work, it always takes me some time to pause and think about what I’m seeing or not seeing.  This idea about considering what we are looking at is really important, particularly when we look at people.  Jesus was really good at seeing people beyond any optical illusions – He sees directly into our hearts and knows us for who we really are & continues to love us deeply & wholly.  Let’s endeavor to see people beyond any optical illusions, filters, false pretensions or misconceptions.  Let’s see people through the lense of genuine love 🙂



Yep good illusion – good analogy, and love sometimes is the greatest illusion that brings the most joy and….but God so loved….no illusion there 🙂 Look forward to Fri 28th opening of new Jesus movie – funny they put up the poster but didn’t show any movie previews hmmmm

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