Opposition Isn’t the Problem

I love starting a new year because it’s like a do-over or a fresh start. I like thinking about areas where I want to grow & projects I want to accomplish. I like new & fresh as I find great energy in new things. But invariably, I always run into some kind of resistance or opposition & that’s often where I lose tread & interest.  
I like stuff when it’s easy & new but when it’s hard & there’s opposition, it’s easy to find a “quitting” excuse & move on to the next new thing. But quitting isn’t always the path for optimum growth & opposition isn’t always the problem. Indeed, life will always have opposition but often it’s what we do with the opposition that is more important than the actual opposition. 

I read Nehemiah 6 yesterday & learned how Nehemiah faced very significant opposition & what he did in the face of opposition to finish the task in front of him (rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem). Some takeaways I saw from Nehemiah that could help us include:

  • stay focused on the task at hand because opposition wants to gets you distracted & off task. 
  • don’t expect everyone to be uber supportive – some people want you to fail & that’s their problem.
  • be careful that fear doesn’t control your decisions or behavior.
  • keep going even if you’re not moving at the speed you’d like

Opposition can make your stronger or turn you into a victim. Chose wisely 🙂


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