There are more things that we don’t see & hear than we realize. If you think about it, our eyes & ears are designed to absorb a select range of frequencies. With that being said, we have to understand that there are sights & sounds happening around us of which we are unaware.
So let’s be careful that we don’t put all of our faith only in what we see & hear.
1Cor 2:9 says that there are things that our eyes haven’t seen & our ears haven’t heard, nor has entered into our hearts all the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.
Don’t sink your faith in natural thinking 🙂


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The Old Testament concealed and the New Testament revealed…was it Elijah’s servant whereby his eyes were opened, and we’ve come this far by faith, “what is it Lord that you are waiting on us to step out on???” Hmmm

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