On making change

Have you ever been short changed, only to make this discovery when it was too late? This used to really big me, so I would do my best to remember to stay & count my change the moment I received it. The important part was to STAY & count the change.
I’ve been thinking lately about making some important changes in my life & I’ve come to the conclusion that commitment precedes change. A person who doesn’t commit often never changes but they will frequently change their surroundings to avoid commitments that would require them to change. I know that sounds convoluted, but simply put: change is often a consequence of commitment & a lack of growth & maturity is often a reflection of non-commitment.
If you want to avoid being short changed, be sure to hang around & count your change ,)



Lorraine Dale

I like your incite, without committment, we cannot grow. “grow where you are planted”

Funny.. sounds faimilar to me… yet I always attributed the certain changes to lack of trust, offence, defense,wisdom, immaturity in Christ…lack of commitment was my first reasoning but looking into the ways the hows the who’s led me to conclude the latter….could it be years of self deception or God’s secure hold upon my life…???????? prayer prayer prayer…

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