not too small

 Sometimes I have these thoughts that run around in my mind that I’m not important, not making a difference, not being significant – the normal human insecurity junk.  If you’re like me, I get tired of these ideas.  They distract me from important things – most of all, my walk with Jesus.  But it is noteworthy to understand that whenever I get my eyes off of Jesus, the Source of love, acceptance, affirmation, comfort, Truth and more, it is in these times that I’m most vulnerable to the insecurity junk.  When I keep my thoughts & focus on Jesus, then all of those small ideas seem to fade to gray.

Keeping our eyes & thoughts on Jesus helps to immunize us from the all-to-familiar human insecurity mindset 🙂



Very wise words. I still need to remind myself to never take my eyes off Jesus. God bless you, your family and ministr, “Saving Moses”.

Monika Steinle

thanks Sarah…really enjoy your postings…specially the new one and the one before that…yes…I will keep my mind on the right things…not always easy, but not impossible, otherwise God would not encourage to “choose life”…bless you, dear Sarah. And greetings & blessings to all of you. Keep on keeping on, and in between: REST. Love, Monika 🙂

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