Need some joy???

I had 2 interesting conversations recently with the same person. In one of the discussions, this person was very small, ignoble, petty & rather distasteful. Shortly thereafter, I had another conversation w the same person & they were strong, confident, secure, generous, noble & enjoyable. In the 1st discussion, the person was complaining about something that was inconvenient & rather trivial. In the 2nd conversation, the same person was in a volunteer role that was a completely generous contribution to improve the lives of several important people.
What’s interesting to me is how this person presented himself & even how he felt about himself. It seems to me that when we are selfish & gripey we tend to dislike ourselves more. On the other side, it seems to make us feel really good about ourselves when we are being generous, helping & empowering others. A simple key to a joyful life can be found by helping others 🙂



Very inciteful and seemingly very true, however maybe that person is just trying to find themselves when all along they are simply looking for Jesus and not finding Him. Not because he’s not there but because on the other hand stress often hides the obvious. The choice is rightousness (random acts of kindness), peace, and joy – or what the world has to offer which is chaos, frustration, and selfishness. The obvious choice is Jesus, but…the road is seemingly narrow, and few there be on 1-25 hahaha

nobody’s perfect. I think this is why Jesus Christ died. There have been several occasions in my life and the lives of others where behavior seems to be inconsistent with what Jesus wants. However, we have that much more grace for those days. I think this is why we have to be forgiving.

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