My great “Aha!!”

This school year, my daughter signed up to play her first year of basketball & to say that I was happy would be a massive understatement! Elated, excited, thrilled, joyful, exuberant & more would be more accurate 🙂
As the season has progressed, even though I didn’t want to admit this to myself, her interest & enthusiasm for playing basketball has waned, and this week, I had to have a stern conversation with her about finishing what we start & not quitting when we make a commitment (integrity 101). I hated having this conversation w her because I was very different than she is, in the sense of totally enjoying basketball. I was on the other end of the spectrum, shooting & practicing by myself just for my sheer enjoyment. As I’ve been thinking about this difference, I’ve also noticed that she really enjoys her piano lessons & practice – she will take her own initiative & practice even extra piano. For me, piano practice was a slippery shortcut from purgatory to hell ,)
Having said all of this, I’ve come to the happy conclusion that we are different & that’s totally wonderful! God has made Isabell different than me, in the same way that I am different from my mom & such differences aren’t bad – they are divinely inspired! So, my lesson is that God has lots of ways to express majesty, beauty & splendor, using amazing differences to catch our attention 🙂



Sarah! This was such a delightful post today! We just love hearing about your family! Especially, the kids. Wish we could see more pictures of them! I have watched you & your mom for so mnay years! Just love you both! You are such examples!


I had the same feelings! I was hoping for a debater (go figure!) but got a tuba and accordian playing band kid. It’s a fun way to experience new things through your child’s eyes.

That’s the great thing about God – had the same conversation with a son about football vs theatre. Theatre won it’s ok, then I had the same conversation with the same son about college vs. the Marines. Marines won. Go figure…This week I had the same conversation with my dog about some male dog behaviors. Hmmmm the jury is still out. Life is truly a journey! Smiles

It’s wonderful to hear from someone at the forefront of ministry in the kingdom of Christ and the Father. May God’s ultimate blessings be forever on you, your mother, family and loved ones. Keep disseminating the eternal perspective.

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