Moving Forward

In Bangledash today, i saw some of the journey that the Rohingya take from Myanmar into Bangledesh.  The Rohingya are a Muslim minority group that have lived in Myanmar for centuries. They have recently been violently displaced by the Myanmar military, despite the total denial by the military. This picture is the border between Myanmar & Bangledesh with a camp of 6,000 refugees, presently in no mans land. They can’t return to Myanmar & there’s hesitation for them to move forward into Bangledesh.

Upon making their way into Bangledesh, a Rohingya family, usually with at least 5-7 members will find their way to a transit center, which is a temporary shelter for a few days, into something more “permanent” can be located for them in one of the burgeoning camps nearby, with already more than 200,000 residents. These camps are stretched in their capacity to provide latrines, clean water & basic health care.

Nonetheless, the Rohingya are physically more safe here than in their native homeland. These are some pictures of these beautiful people. Please pray for the Rohingya.



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