More than meets the eye

I would venture to say that all of us have more to us than what a quick intro would reveal.  I have friends who are petite, gentle and gracious but you’d never know that they love to mash an opponent on the boards in the hockey rink.  I have other friends who look like they are the most physically fit person you’d ever meet but they are slowly ebbing into oblivion because of their heart is filled with unforgiveness, pain, bitterness and revenge – tragic beyond words.

When I think about Jesus, I’m always discovering more than meets the eye.  With Jesus, consider that when He was hanging on the cross, He appeared to be a poster child for loser & failure, but there’s so much more than what meets the eye.  Consider that Jesus does these things in our lives:

  • touches our heart
  • guides our steps
  • stengthens our hands
  • invigorates the lifeless
  • illuminates our mind
  • stirs our soul
  • makes boldness out of timidity
  • quickens mortality
  • fuels the future
  • empowers what was hopeless

Consider that with Jesus, there is always more than what meets the eye 🙂


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and what I love about your approach is mimicking that – thank you. You are one of the few that don’t have to holler, scream, or do the sing songy thing in the pulpit to get your message across – thank you. A lot of preachers must be hard of hearing because they scream at their audience. Aaaaaack. I know Jesus didn’t do it even when he was preaching to the 5000 – just not his character. Ahhh feel better now. Smile

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