more cooking!

Ok, Reece said he didn’t want to go out for anything fancy for his bday, nor did he want a high fat dessert that would lie around the house to tempt him – so I felt a little constricted for his bday dinner.  Thanks to Jesus, it all came out GREAT!!!!  We had marinated flank steak, grilled veggies (very tastey), grilled artichokes, salad & grilled peaches w balsamic vinegar.  Especially for me, I have to say that I was a) relieved & b) impressed!!! 

It was a throw down, that wasn’t too expensive, was REALLY tastey & nothing was burned or under-cooked & it was all on time!  This folks, is evidence of God moving in my life w positive results.  I’d like to see Him increase His territory in my life – moving from “my” life to “this” life.


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