mental hygiene

My kids have their bi-yearly dentist check up next week & we will hopefully be cavity-free.  I know that the hygienists will ask them if they floss & brush daily & my kids will answer with mixed results.  As adults, most of us have probably already been down the dental hygiene road & appreciate the importance of regular brushing & flossing <– this video is CRAZY FUNNY!!!🙂

I think, however, that we might want to consider not only the hygiene for our teeth, but also the hygiene for our thoughts.  Personally, when my thoughts begin to go down dark alleys, the consequences are very negative for the ABCs in my life (attitude, behavior & conversations).  Paul tells us in 2 Cor 10:5 that we should take captive every thought that tries to lift itself higher than the knowledge of Jesus in our lives.  Let’s be sure to make our thought life surrender to Jesus’ Lordship.

Perhaps mental hygiene is even more important than dental hygiene  – but don’t tell my kids until after next week ,)


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