managing transition

 Transition is the space between constants – its the “in between” time from a position of stability & constant to another position of stability & constant.  Presently, my family is in a transition season.  Today, was the kids last day of school so we are transitioning from the school schedule to the Summer schedule & everything isn’t just smoothy / groovy.  I forgot, until this morning, that the kids had a half day of school & suddenly everything became really complicated because both Reece & I had a relatively full work day.  I’m sure that everyone else manages transitions better than I do, but for anyone that may have some challenges managing transition, here are a few suggestions:

  • be patient:  time usually helps to smooth things out.  As such, I’ve found that it helps to throw in a bit of extra time for events and schedules during a transition season.
  • be gracious:  usually there are some rough spots that can occur in transition seasons.  My personal experience is that grace can really help to smooth out these rough spots – giving yourself & others grace helps to deflate some of the emotional stress that can go with transitions
  • be flexible:  transitions usually will have a few unexpected surprises.  Consequently, I find it to be super helpful if I can pause on being rigid and inflexible 🙂
  • trust God:  maybe this is one of the most important lessons / outcomes from seasons of transition.  If we make the decision to trust God, then during a transition time, we will be better equipped to keep our eyes on Him.  Ultimately, we are the most healthy in our mindsets when we keep our eyes and confidence on God.

Please feel free to chime in with more suggestions, as I always want to be eager to learn, grow & improve 🙂



Thanks! I needed this.

nice article.

I am 63 yrs old and retiring from being a night nurse, after 45 yrs. Thankyou, I need all the guidance i can get. Just transitioning to being awake in the day time is major, then finances are another transition.

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