Managing Surprises

Today has been one of those very crazy & pretty hectic days with some surprises that caught me off guard. Generally, I like surprises & I think it’s fun to have new adventuress & experiences but today was a little tricky. When some things popped up that weren’t so whippy, I found myself getting kind of cranky & reactive – no bueno.
So rather than give free expression to the cranky & reactive feelings, I made a quick prayer & check in with God, “Please HELP!!!”
While I didn’t necessarily see the clouds disappear & suddenly experience a heavenly vision, I did, nevertheless, have a stronger sense of peace & strength so I didn’t rip off somebody’s head, metaphorically.
So all things being considered, I’m really thankful that God is so readily available to help with even the seemingly small stuff in our daily living 🙂


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