managing isn’t the same as growing

I have some weak spots in my life that can be really frustrating to me:  I don’t like it when I fumble meeting a new person, I don’t like it when I want to get back at someone for a petty insult, I don’t like it when one of my insecurities makes me look stupid & there’s lots more.  But I’ve been thinking about some of these things lately & I’ve decided that I have a choice:  I can manage these weak spots & work around them OR I can change & grow bigger than these weak areas.  I’ve certainly done much in the management realm, but I am feeling challenged to let the Holy Spirit work on me with the change & grow realm.

Ultimately, I’m very happy that the Holy Spirit continues to work with me, knowing that with His help, I can only get better & better!  How about you???  Are you managing or growing? 🙂



Lorraine Dale

As the oldest of 4 girls, i tend to be too bossey about many things in my life. This is a good reminder for me to stop working around my weak spots and start changing them, developing into that new creature in Christ through the Holy Sprit’s guidance. Thankyou Sarah!

Hmmmm management hey – you know I’ve been in property management for over 30 years and so I asked the Lord, “is this all there is…”, and the answer seemed to come in the affirmative. “Really? Yep, you see we’re all just property managers – See that house over there, ya think you own it? Nope your just managing it for Me and it provides a roof over your head. Hmmm see your kids over there? Do you think they belong to you? Hunn-ahh no way – I’ve just loaned them to you for awhile to raise and nurture. They don’t belong to you son – they are Mine. Smile you’re just a manager. See that clock over there – who do you think time belongs to??? We’ll see you when you get here – try and do your best in managing My property” Romans 9:32&33 Amplified, but read best in the Message version.

Ginger Wade (@heresmycuplord)

I love this Sarah. What a great point! I think I’ll start growing with you. 😉

ahhh yes …To see and realize those areas of our personalities that we need to stop managing (compromising to keep from suffering change) and actually step up to the plate ! Thanks Sarah. I am glad I cleaned out my email this is a gem I had missed. 🙂

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