making your weak spots useful

 Everyone has weak spots.  Some of these would include:  addictions, gossip, self-image, insecurity, arrogance, fear, relational challenges, finance management, etc.  If you’re like me, we try to do different things to manage our weak spots – we try to educate ourselves out of them, we try to hide or accessorize our weak spots, we try to avoid situations where our weak spots would be harmful, sometimes we try to ignore these weak spots, etc.

When I think about Peter in the Bible, he definitely had his share of weak spots – I think probably his most glaring weakness was his mouth.  He would often speak up & say stupid things.  But with Peter, we also evidence of the power of redemption in relation to our weak spots.  Here are some examples:

  • walking on the water – no one else in the boat spoke up asking to come to Jesus, but Peter with his big mouth & impulsive behavior was the only disciple to ever walk on water
  • confessing Jesus to be the Christ – Peter was the 1st disciple to take this plunge & step out to declare the reality of who Jesus is.  “You are the Christ”
  • Day of Pentecost – Peter was the disciple who did the outrageous sermon at Pentecost when approximately 3,000 people became followers of Jesus
So here’s my encouragement:  give Jesus your weak spots & trust that He will redeem them to be used by Him in many powerful ways!

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