making the most out of mistakes

 I hate to make mistakes for lots of different reasons.  I don’t like the consequences of mistakes, I don’t like how costly mistakes can be & I don’t like the sinking feeling that I have in my gut when I make mistakes.  Nevertheless, we all make mistakes & if we let God help us, there can be lots of good things that God can work into our lives from our mistakes.  Here are a few examples:

  • mistakes help keep me humble, sigh
  • mistakes help me to learn that there are better ways to do things than just my ideas
  • mistakes teach me to rely on God to not only repair but redeem the results
  • mistakes teach me that balance is a daily essential
  • mistakes make me rely on The Helper, to comfort & counsel me in these errors

Indeed, if we love God & stay true to His purposes in our lives, He makes everything work out well 🙂



Nita C. Hicks

Very true.

Hmmmm always soooo good -great job and if/then “it just makes you stronger” hahaha. Hey great subject/great response, but ahhhh I didn’t see the verse reference that you are so good at encouraging so that we can meditate on the subject matter. Blessings on YOU 🙂 Numbers 6:24-27 Selah

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